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Why you need to learn Selenium?

When it comes to the selenium, which is an open source testing tool that is used to automate web applications. Mainly it includes four tools, SeleniumIDE, SeleniumRC, Selenium WebDriver, and SeleniumGrid. The people those who want to grow from being a manual tester, or want to become an automation tester then the right choice is studying Selenium courses. Why because automation testing has taken the world by storm and most industries are looking for selenium certified professionals. Therefore, continue reading to know the reasons to study selenium courses.

Free to use

As previously mentioned, selenium is a course, which helps to create open source tool, and anybody can be used it for free. Apart from that any organizations or companies can use this tool to test their website or web applications or other programs. If you use other tools you need to pay for that otherwise the tool functionality will not be good when compared to selenium. Therefore, selenium has many and unique features and it will be updated in certain stages. So, if you do selenium with java training you will be getting better growth in your career.

Integrated with any tools

This is one of the main reasons to choose selenium because it does not need a system with 16GB RAM or high HDD you just need Windows OS or Mac OS or Linux OS. These tools are enough for selenium testing. Most important thing is you can test the website on any browser such as Google chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer, Opera and etc. Also, it is very easy to transfer the data from your system via USB drives.

High demand

Another reason to choose this, it allows the all programmer to get into the automation testing domain. However, most tools allow specialized or one particular programming language. Therefore, selenium is the best choice for common scripting languages required by various tools. Along with that you will not face too many restrictions than other tools. Therefore, selenium demand is high in the market, so most companies are recruiting certified selenium developer. Therefore, study selenium testing automation training course to build up your career.

Save your time

Selenium is easily integrated with other open resource tool, so it is very easy to use in any automation testing. Also, multiple selenium testes can be executed in parallel on the remote machine or same machine. So that it saves the time because it executes the test in same machine at a time. Also, people can use online selenium grid alternatively to test their applications. This is what most people prefer the selenium tester compared to other tools.

Gives flexibility to design it

When it comes to the designing part, people have the flexibility to design it by programming logic or else record and playback approach. Also, they can use IDE to record your test instead of WebDriver code if people don’t have knowledge on this. Selenium WebDriver is used to write logic using programming language and Selenium IDE is used to record the tests. Later it can be exported into a programming language as per their choice to execute as a WebDriver test. Therefore, choose WebDriver selenium tutorial to learn more things about selenium.

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